Our Approach

Movement Is Life

The PIM system is a biomechanical-based approach centered around restoring and reinforcing your body’s movement systems. It is deeply rooted in the scientific study of human movement and the innovative integration of technology into practice.

It is a comprehensive approach, consisting of:

  • Identification of a movement diagnosis to determine most effective intervention,
  • Performing highly skilled manual therapies to improve mobility and flexibility as needed,
  • Prescribing functional strengthening to increase neuromuscular capacity and,
  • Re-educating movement patterns specific to the sport or activity.

Our approach is designed to empower you with the tools to be injury-proof and powered up to tackle whatever life throws at you. We believe you can unlock the best version of yourself through attentive study and mindful practice.

We strive to eliminate the guesswork from rehabilitation and performance training. We do this by providing you with an individualized action plan that can help you get return as fast but as safely as possible.