Our Story

The Beginning:
Dream Big

Frustrated with the inability to provide a sport-specific rehabilitation environment for his athletes and other active-minded patients, physical therapist Peter Lingas sought to create the ideal experience. Combining the high-level knowledge learned from his mentors and the current concepts of the sports performance industry, the PIM performance-based movement training paradigm was set in motion.

After many months of testing, planning and preparation, the prototype environment became a reality in 2017. In this 14,000-square feet facility, Peter and the PIM team are finally able to provide the ultimate environment that merges the continuum of rehabilitation and performance.

The Mission:
Change The Industry

Too often we see individuals struggle to return to their sport or activity they love, despite having gone through traditional therapies. Others have been told by their trusted medical practitioner that being active is no longer an option.

We hope to change that belief. Time and time again, research shows that when challenged the right way, our bodies are capable of a life of active movement. Our intentional focus on addressing the movement cause of injuries and poor performance can defy conventional therapies and provide a long-lasting benefit for individuals willing to invest in themselves.

The Mission:
Mute The Noise

The know-it-all friend, Dr. Google, and your Instagram feed all seem to know how to fix your problem. In this age of free information and “broscience”, we want to be your trusted, evidence-based authority on all things rehabilitation and performance.

Core Values:
Our Non-Negotiables

We stay true to our values to ensure that you experience the one thing you deserve: to be injury-proof for however long you want.

Transparency: Your expectations should equal our expectations. If we are not your best option, we will be the first to recommend another option that is suitable for your needs to get you back on the right path.

Empathy: We are all-ears and all-in. Express your concerns to us and we will listen with attention. Nothing is more important than getting you to the finish line with a smile.

Attitude: We smile because we love what we do and want to instill a positive atmosphere to all those around us. Our gratefulness to be in service and of service will never fade.

Balance: A time to work, a time to play. We believe true wellness means the freedom of daily movement and the mastery of spiritual balance.

Impact: Our call to serve fuels our desire to make a positive influence in the lives of those around us. If it isn’t helpful, why do it at all?

Growth: You can never truly know everything. We continue to better ourselves so that you can reach your best. Your success is our success.