Peter Lingas

Founder, Director of Rehabilitation and Performance
Dr. Peter Lingas
  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Loma Linda University (2010)
  • Graduate of the Loma Linda University Physical Therapy Orthopedic Residency program (2012)
  • Graduate of the Kaiser Permanente Orthopedic Fellowship and Sport Rehabilitation in West Los Angeles (2013)
  • Graduate of the Movement Performance Institute Lower Quarter Biomechanical Fellowship (2014)
  • Contract instructor for Loma Linda University, Department of Physical Therapy
  • Continuing education instructor surrounding topics such as “Return To Sport for Common Lower Quarter Injuries” and “Complete Management of the Weekend Warrior: Upper Quarter”
  • Board-certified orthopedic and sports specialist by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties

Peter’s passion is to teach active individuals safe and efficient movement strategies, stemming from his love of sports. Peter used to be one of those “injury-prone” athletes. Even after receiving his doctorate in physical therapy, injuries continued to haunt him. It was only after he went through a sports specialization fellowship that he realized that his body was “moving all wrong.” He put the new-found knowledge to the test and applied the same evidence-based principles of biomechanics to himself. Now, you can catch Peter playing pick-up basketball, table tennis, and running… WITHOUT pain.
What was the secret? It lied in the understand of biomechanics and movement performance.
Beyond that, Peter saw the need for all athletes to undergo this same type of rehabilitation and training. There is a significant lack of awareness in the world of athletics, regarding how poor movement can injury one’s risk for injury and reduce movement performance. This is particularly evident in elementary and high school athletics (primarily female athletes). He aims to reach the youth and hopes to teach them proper understanding of movement to set them up for long term success in their careers.
Combining his expertise in sports biomechanics, performance training, and his passion for promoting an active lifestyle, Pete brings his expertise to the Inland Empire. He hopes to provide evidence-based education and specialized services to those looking to eliminate pain, minimize their risk for injury, and return to the sport they love without fear of reinjury.
Peter derives his assessment and treatment philosophy from the mentorship of Dr. Christopher Powers and the movement principles of Dr. Shirley Sahrmann and Dr. Clare Frank. He also credits Dr. Skulpan Asavasopon and all the mentors throughout the Kaiser Fellowship program for his integrated approach.
He envisions PIM to be the place where an individual can come and learn about their movement patterns and understand how to correct any immediate or possible future problems. He hopes people will buy into the program and be able to share the knowledge with other athletes.

Be proactive, no reactive.