Power, speed, agility, and endurance are necessary tools for an athlete to function at a high level. To achieve maximal athletic gains, one must be able to quantify their performance at the start and efficiently progress accordingly based on the appropriate baseline measurements obtained in the Body Performance Evaluation. The tests and measures can be geared towards the athlete’s desired sport.

  • The athlete looking to establish their performance measures (i.e. vertical jump height)
  • The individual looking to maximize their athletic potential and body efficiency

  1. To objectify an athlete’s performance metrics for baseline measures:
    a. Measurements of height, weight, wingspan, vertical jump and body fat percentage
    b. Muscle flexibility and strength measures
    c. Proprioception and balance tests
    d. Timed agility tests
    e. Functional endurance tests
  2. To assess an individual’s muscular performance with use of surface electromyography (sEMG)

All training programs are not created equal. Some programs focus on improving flexibility and building strength, while others include skill-specific training to maximize an athlete’s skill set. Movement Pattern Training is a movement-based training program designed by a sports movement expert to efficiently target the individual’s specific weaknesses and maximize their sport-specific movement skill (performed after the Sports Movement Analysis). The progressive task breakdown and sport-specific context makes this movement training program unique.

  • Elite or recreational athletes looking for to fix their movement-related causes for injury and/or poor performance
  • Coaches trying to reduce their team’s risk for injury while maximizing athletic performance

This highly detailed training program will significantly reduce your risk of injury and improve your speed, power and explosiveness specific to your sport.

  • Speed, Agility and Footwork
  • Vertical Jump and Power Development

Our competitive edge is in our continuous tracking of progress. We test our athletes once every month to ensure efficient and maximal results.

Using high-level training principles, we coach and train our athletes to reach their maximum potential.

  • Elite or recreational athletes looking for result-driven performance training to achieve greater athletic goals.
  • Coaches aiming to improve their team’s overall speed, agility and jumping ability.

Our science-based training protocols have been proven to be highly effective to improve speed, agility and athletic power.