Arash Taghian
ACL Rehab & Football Sports Performance
San Bernardino, CA
Raymond Ashworth
Highland, CA
William Darity
Total Knee Replacement Surgery Rehab
Highland, CA
Wendy Hetherington
Redlands, CA

I came to PIM with severe IT Band issues and weak glutes. I was unable to run without pain, which affected my form. Pete worked one-on-one with me to tailor progressively challenging exercises to help me activate, strengthen and use my glutes. I’m now back to running and feel/use my glutes all the time. It’s amazing! I highly recommend going to PIM for any athlete looking for maximizing their potential…

…Pete! I just PR’d by almost 32 min and qualified for Boston at the St. George marathon!!! That smile on my face at the finish is knowing I just BQ’d and that just a year ago I was crying to you wondering if I would ever be able to run again or get back to my level.

Sophia LaBrosse
Loma Linda, CA

After tearing my ACL for the second time I knew finding a Physical Therapist with experience and a clean, professional facility was very important. I did my research and found Pete. Precision In Movement was exactly what I was looking for. Great staff, the latest equipment, and technology as well as a hard-working atmosphere. Coming back from one of the hardest injuries for an athlete isn’t easy, but at PIM they took the time to help me mentally and physically. I am now back and better than ever thanks to Pete and everyone at Precision In Movement.

Nicole Clonch
Professional Dancer, Dance Instructor
Redlands, CA

PIM has been the biggest help to keep me doing what I love. As a professional dance instructor and performer who travels often, it’s imperative that my body is at its peak performance. When I suffered a very painful intercostal muscle injury to my lower ribs, I looked everywhere for the right physical therapist that could help get me back out and compete. When I found PIM, I knew from my first visit that I would continue to work with Pete for his good spirit, motivation, and knowledge. He gave me modalities for strengthening my obliques that would protect my ribs from excessive pressure they were under due to my dance routine. And now two years later, I’m still learning new and exciting ways to feel better and more in control of my body, thanks to PIM!

Michelle Doloksaribu
Michelle Doloksaribu
Active Lifestyle
Loma Linda, CA

I may not be an athlete…just a new mom with bad body mechanics which in turn, had me suffering from a bad shoulder for months! I tried alleviating the pain by going to a chiropractor, acupuncturist and getting massages almost weekly. To no avail, they were sadly only temporary reliefs. Finally, a light bulb turned on and I decided to go to Pete for his expertize. He was able to complete a comprehensive assessment and pin point the cause of my shoulder pain as well as customize a treatment plan into retraining my shoulder (and myself) to function properly despite my improper mechanics from raising my toddler and completing my everyday work tasks. I am more than happy to report that in less than a week, after doing my exercises and being more mindful of what Pete had taught me, I am finally getting relief from my shoulder! I honestly thought that it was something I would have to now deal with and that I have become a chronic sufferer but thanks to Pete, I am on my way to becoming pain-free!! I cannot thank him enough. Seriously, check out Pete and his clinic and I can assure you, you will not be disappointed!!

Mia Delmonico
Redlands, CA

“Dr. Pete Lingas and the staff at Precision In Movement have been amazing at both educating and developing Mia physically and mentally for the game of soccer. Dr. Lingas has taught Mia the proper techniques necessary to increase her strength, speed, and agility on the field. Mia’s understanding of proper technique has also helped in the reduction of injury and injury rehabilitation. Dr. Lingas is invested in Mia and takes the time to offer a variety of activities to challenge her performance level and wage her progression. I highly recommend Precision In Movement to all athletes who are looking to progress their level of play. Staff will go above and beyond in the care of all their athletes!” – Shana Delmonico, mother.

Heber Castillo
Professional MMA fighter
Indio, CA

Pretty often I’m told that I am freakishly strong, but these guys are the why reason I have been able to become so efficient in everything I do. If you’re an athlete in any sport and you want to push yourself to the next level, you need to contact these guys!

Erick Fanti
Garden Grove, CA

I came to PIM not knowing what to expect after having my knee surgery. I came in open-minded but didn’t have the faith that I was going to get back to how I was before, because of earlier physical therapist I had didn’t really help me. Boy was I wrong! They treated me like I mattered and promised me I was going to even be better and stronger than I was before. They were right! I’m back to normal and better than I’ve ever been. I owe it all to them.

Dany Schimpf
Loma Linda, CA

Pete Lingas was amazing!  I have been suffering from recurrent lower leg injuries from running. This year I ended up with chronic Achilles tendinitis. I heard about Institute for Precision In Movement from a friend and boom! Pete evaluated my running form in real time utilizing very high-tech equipment. His assessment was a total game changer! He was able to see that I had a weak core, and I was putting too much stress in my lower calf and achilles. He also measured my leg’s strength individually and found that my right leg was 20% weaker than the left one.  After doing the recommended exercises, I have been able to resume my training without pain or getting injured. Institute for Precision In Movement rocks!

Collin Smith
Soccer, Basketball, Cycling
Loma Linda, CA

Growing up, I was that active kid that did all sorts of different sports: surfing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, skateboarding, riding motorcycles, soccer, volleyball, basketball, you name it. During my college days, I suffered a few serious injuries that put a halt to my normal active life. In those three years, I sustained a broken back snowboarding and multiple surgeries on both shoulders for labral tears from weightlifting. To make matters worse, I then suffered through a right and left groin tears from playing collegiate soccer. If that wasn’t enough, I also separated my AC joint from a mountain biking accident.

Because of these injuries, I convinced myself that my life would not be the same from that point forward. My mind told me that I would never be able to kick a soccer ball again, shoot a basketball, or even throw a football. Each of the physical therapists I had had at that point in time had not been able to help me return to my normal self. It was until one of my roommates suggested that I go see the Physical Therapist that he had been to a few times. That is when I met Pete Lingas.

Over the last year and a half, Pete has corrected and fixed all my shoulder and groin issues. He not only fixed the issues present at the time but also helped me understand my body better and how to prevent injuries in the future. From the training, I can now work on perfecting my movements in everyday life and in the sports that I enjoy. Now my body feels better than it ever has. He has not only given me the ability to enjoy the sports I love but also has changed the way that I view the movements of life and sports.

Jonathan Diaz
Powerlifting, Active Life
Loma Linda, CA

Growing up I was never an athletic person so I never had any sports related injuries or questions. I’ve recently taken up the sport of powerlifting and came to PIM to see if there was anything they could help me with. I didn’t know what to expect. I thought I had a good foundation on my movements but Pete showed me that I had so much more to learn. Coming to PIM has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my “athletic” life. Pete has helped me recover from minor sprains and has made sure I have the skills and knowledge to make myself better.

Mark Gonzales
Riverside, CA

About 18 months ago I could barely throw a ball 10 feet, experiencing lots of pain in my right shoulder after every throw. It finally got to the point where I needed to get an MRI and get checked out by a specialist, only to find out that I had a partial tear in my right labrum(shoulder).

Hearing this news was heartbreaking and at that moment I knew that there was only one thing to do if I wanted to continue to play baseball, and that was to work and push myself as hard as I possibly could. My family and I decided to go into rehab and choose therapy over the surgery. I was therefore referred to Pete Lingas, a one-on-one therapist. After about 3 months of therapy and rehab, I started to get a little impatient, due to the fact that I couldn’t play baseball for 3 months. But I, fortunately, I kept pushing and stuck with it hoping for the best. Pete had assured me that I would be able to throw 100% again and I was very happy to hear that. I kept working out with Pete and he has pushed my brother and I very hard to make us better athletes and be aware of how to use the proper muscles to stay healthy.

We are now nearing our second year with Pete and could not have been more pleased with how Pete has made my brother and I the athletes we are today. It is a true Blessing from God and my family that we met Pete.

Coleen Moralde
Coleen Moralde
Powerlifting, Active Life
Loma Linda, CA

Back in early spring I had started powerlifting again and out of the three main lifts, my favorite is the deadlift. This is where I excelled the most and can lift more than twice my bodyweight. The program that I was following called for a heavy triple and I got overconfident. On my second rep I pulled wrong, felt a sensation on my lower back and my eyes went dark for a few seconds. The pain was terrible.

I had been hurting for weeks until IPIM came to my rescue. They had taught me proper hinging, activating my core as a ‘whole’ unit to brace and keep my lower back straight and protected as well as warm-up exercises before I do any of my lifts. Now, I don’t lift without my warm ups and proper hinging practice! I have not had injuries or back problems since.